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One screen drops


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Hello Guys,

I recently had a show:


2x Panasonic DZ 870

2x EDID manager (Gefen)

2x fiber 50m



i7 6core

16 mb ddr4

firepro w7100

datapath dvi capture

deckink hdsdi capture


show set up:


videofiles within dataton         

capture macbook on datapath 720p60


During show suddenly my right projector got black for 2 or 3 sec and came back

this happened 8 times.


does anyone has an idea what could be related to this problem.


i received my vid files 5min for show asked voor mpeg2 but received mp4 and mov








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  • Dataton Partner

Hey Mitch,


Dropout like this is most likely caused by a bad connection in your fiber / projector setup. I assume Watchout did not go into error nor reported an error, correct?


Sounds like a cliff effect which may occur "randomly" if you're close to the cliff. Heat / moving heads / bad luck can cause this. If you clean the fibers (grease / dust) you're likely to prevent is.


Doesn't sound like something caused by bad media encoding...

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