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WatchNet ERRORs and more

Sergi Jover

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Hi All,


I've been working with Watchnet Server and an iPad with very good results. However, I'm seeing at the server's log a few errors.


First one is when powering up the system in the morning:


(DATE/TIME)    ERROR     Worker     task/Cluster/HoP/GetTimelines/2    IllegalState Cluster not ready   Error in STARTUP

Normally the log is showing this message albeit the 4 WatchPax in use are awake for long time ago.


Also, as I'm using the same PC for both Watchmaker and WatchNet (one license) and running one of the applications at a time, server's log sometimes shows the following:

(DATE/TIME)    ERROR     Worker     WATCHPOINT/DMP_01.HoP     Exception Connection error,       An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.


I know is not ideal to handle both applications under the same license/computer but have no other choice at the moment.


The 4 Watchpax are working with fixed IP address, and only one of them has the autostart script that way:


authenticate 1

setLogoString "loading"

delay 5000

load "HoP"



This normally works fine but when changing from WO to WN it struggles a bit (even relaunching Watchpoint), is that normal??


By other hand, I'd like to know if WatchNet can receive any external command to i.e. send iPad panel to page "1" or "kill" all the timelines in case of a fire alarm has been activated. Is there any extended manual, tips, tricks or treats for the WatchNet application?


Thank you

Kind Regards

Sergi Jover


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