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Best way to handle LED walls with different pixel pitch


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Hi all,


I'm working on an interesting project where there are multiple different LED video walls with different pixel pitches, all forming one large canvas.


I will likely use the new virtual display feature to combine the output of multiple sections of the wall into a single 1280x720 video image and feed that to the LED wall processors, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to represent a larger area of space for video wall areas that use low resolution LEDs. If I put in the pixel dimensions, these large walls are represented by tiny areas in the Stage.


One thought I had was to represent the space by using "virtual" pixels to make up the space in between the actual pixels, based on the pixel density of the highest resolution LED wall. Then, I'd just have to tell the LED processor to use every other or every fourth line and column (which could be a nightmare to set up on the LED wall). 


Anyone dealt with this before?


Eric Cantrell

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