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Using Watchout Tween Formulas with Spikemark's Automation Software


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Hi guys, hoping someone has some experience with this.


So the show I'm loading in is using Creative Conner's Spikemark Automation software. That software has a plugin that allows it to send location data to Watchout as long as we're on the same network. I know I need to use formula expressions to make it work, but I'm just getting lost in the User's Manual trying to understand exactly how they work. Realistically, I'm not doing anything complicated. It's just a rolldrop that they want video and automation sync'd in and out with. So it should be just messing with the Y coordinate in a Formula. So my main two questions are this:


1.) Because I'm on the same network as them, do I need to create a new input, and if so, is that a Generic input?


2.) Can someone give me a rough idea what I'm supposed to enter into that Y value?


I do plan on contacting Creative Conner's to see if they have any sort of help, but I wanted here first, since all I see on their website is how to make it work in their end of the software.

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Yes, you should add a Generic Input.


As to the Y value, that will come from the automation system. You can either use a normalized value (0...1), and then scale it up in the tween expression in WATCHOUT, or use a "raw pixel" value (by expanding the range of the Generic Input" in which case you would have to send the proper Y pixel value from the automation system, and not scale it in WATCHOUT. I would personally prefer the former (using normalized value and scale in WATCHOUT), assuming the autmation system can provide that (i.e., a fractional value in the range 0...1).


If you choose to go that route, you need to enter something like this in the Y field for the position tween formula:


   YPos * 3000 + TweenValue


Where YPos is the name of your generic input (normalized 0...1). 3000 is your scale factor (the number of pixels to move the image), and TweenValue is the "raw" position value (allowing you to set the initial position by dragging the image in WATCHOUT).


Also remember to enable "External Control..." inside the cue. Wihout this, you won't be able to edit the position formula.



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