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Watchpax 2 Output resolution


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Can someone clarify the output resolution for the Watchpax 2? The specs say Mini DisplayPort. Resolutions up to 2560 x 1600. Is this total for both outputs or 2560 x 1600 per output? We are running 2 Watchpax 2 with 2 outputs of 1920 x 1200 each and we are having random Network Connection lost errors. We have simplified the network down to a very basic configuration and disabled the second NIC card. I have read that this error does not necessarily mean a network error, it could be a software error or crash.


Update: Our issue seems to be related to audio playback as noted in my post below. We will test the resolution but I think that Watchpax2 is capable of outputting 2560 x 1600 on each output.  I will test this in a couple of weeks and update this post with my findings.

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To troubleshoot we switched output resolutions to a single 1920 x 1200 output on both Watchpax 2 and we are still having issues losing connection between Producer and Display. We drop network connection, sometimes the timeline rolls and one display runs but the other does not (random) and even scrolling along the timeline will often not update. It is very unstable. At this point we may need to simply rent a kit with standard display servers. Does anyone have any ideas?


Update: We went ahead and brought in a rental kit with a fresh OS and then installed Watchout. We ran into trouble transferring the content which allowed us to narrow down the problem to an audio file. Once we disabled Media Center as recommended elsewhere on this forum our issue was resolved and we now have a stable system. While this is not the exact same issue we had with Watchpax2 I feel it is likely related. We are going to stay with the rental servers for now but once the show is over we will bring the Watchpax2 back online and start running some tests. I will update again once I have some information.


One question for the experts out there, is there any way to close the Display window in Watchpax2 to review Windows settings? Is it possible that Media Center is activated on Watchpax 2?

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it depends on what cable you are using.


mDP to SL DVI- max resolution is 1920x1200 each

mDP to DL DVI - max resolution is 2560x1600 each

mDP to DP or mDP - max resolution(maybe not max, but my 4K monitor max. is 3840x2160)  is 3840x2160 each, but one is 60Hz, second output is 30Hz.


by the way,

What is the error message?

and what kind of video codec are you playing?


no proper video codec may cause Display software crash and restart, then you will get "lost connection" message.




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