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Grabber and sync issues


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Hola compadres!


ive got some issues getting my inputs to behave like i want in Watchout 6.


display computers, 2x:


motherboard: MK Asus X79-DELUXE

CPU: Core i7-4930K s2011 3.4 GHz 10MB

Memory: Corsair 16GB (4-KIT) DDR3 VENGEANCE 1,5V LOW

Graphics: AMD FirePro W7000 4GB/GDDR5​ + s400 sync card

Input: 2x datapath rgb-e2s, 1x decklink sdi


Screens being used is 8x NEC 55" unv, with 1080p@50 via displayport from GPU to screens.


Signal to inputs are coming from a barco pds 902 3g, outputting 720p@50 via SDI.


The issue is that when the input is showing over the two display computers, the input cant fade up nicely. Ive tried having an auxillary open with the input Active with opacity 0, and having 1-10 seconds of 0% opacity and then fading up, but usually one of the displays goes black and then pops up instead of fading.

It doesnt happen everytime, but way too often to be comfortable with it with important clients.


When using the decklink sdi card, that is synced up with the same genlock as the displays.


The datapath cant be locked, but gets a sort of sync from the dvi if I remember correctly.


I thought the pds could be the issue, so tried it out with a genlocked Folsom image pro instead, but the same behaviour.


ive tried splitting the sdi signal and feed the decklinks with a separate signal, and also tried looping it through the first card.



im running out of ideas, but maybe there is something simple ive simply forgotten.


Thankful for any input (pun intended),







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