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4K capture


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Anyone any experience with capturing 4K into watchout?


Looking at capable cards I found these:


And many more at:



Latency is not an issue, compatibility is...


Any recommendations are much appreciated.


Thanks, Danny Rats


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Hey dannyrats - we have purchased a bunch of the DPx2 cards and have tested them with WOv6. Everything has been working stellar thus far. The only thing to take into consideration with the DPx2 cards is the lack of 4K DP distribution/infrastructure hardware out on the market. I have yet to find a 4K DP matrix routing solution, and there is very little out there in the form of 4K DP DAs. And of course, the fact that HDMI/DVI is not backwards compliant with DP, you have limited options trying to convert signals into these cards as well.... although I have found a really good solution for 2K signal conversion:




So if you are like me - and have the need to distribute various 4K sources to different capture cards, you may find a challenge with these cards. In that regard - I think these cards are a little ahead of their time.


I hope this helps and best of luck!



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After playing with the 2DP capture card, it appears to just work.  As Jim mentioned, the struggle is when you don't have a DisplayPort signal.  I've tried the converter Jim referenced, it seems to work fine.  The newer version of the same converter from StarTech introduces HDCP issues.  I think it is trying to be HDCP compliant, which means when the signal hits the capture card my Macs shut down output.


Hopefully the world will catch up with DP distribution sooner rather than later!

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