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Aux Timeline Looping


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Normal, no, but common, yes. There's another discussion about this issue in Watchout 5 (http://forum.dataton.com/topic/1518-jump-to-run-in-aux-timeline/).


Putting your looping content in a composition, and then putting that comp into an aux timeline for fade up/pause/fade out, seems to avoid the problem.

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Thanks for the tip Mat.


Hopefuly these looping problems (Prores included) are resolved soon. I was using aux timelines as a cue list to fire stings on an award show, 130 unique cues, with Pause - freerun loop - to fade. That's painfull having to put each one in a comp, especialy when I only get the media a few hours before show!


So far every key feature I bought WO 6 for has failed on me.



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Hi Tom!


We do apologize for the FreeRun/Looping bug in WATCHOUT version 6.0. It has been fixed and a maintenance update will be released shortly.


You also mention that you have had other issues with WO 6. We would like to know what these are. You are most welcome to contact me off forum so we can sort this out.

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