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Jump to run in Aux Timeline

Neil Stratton

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Hi all- this may be a limitation of the aux timelines, but I'll ask anyway.

Ok so sometimes I need to create a loop of stills and the way I achieve this is by laying them out on a timeline with a jump to run cue at the end to take me to the first still . I put the first image as the last image so it is seamless. I haven't done this for a while, and have always used the main timeline in the past. This time I have been trying to run a few of these on aux timelines but when the timeline jumps to the first still, the image disappears for a millisecond. I have tried adding a jump to run delay, and putting the images in a composition.But still it remains. I have used different media, compressed the images and still no change.

 If I put the same sequence on the main timeline this does not happen. Anyone else seen this? Or even better have a solution?

WO 5.5.1 Win 7 64 bit.

Thanks in advance


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Last time I use such kind of loop (for a coffeebreak) I use a static Background Image in the Main Timeline and fade the pictures in the loop in and out.


Loop IN | Fade in Picture 1 | Fade out | Fade In Picture 2 | Fade out | jump to Loop IN and Run


Do you use Fade In and Outs?

Is there a static Background in the Main Timeline ?

What happen, when you use the first/last picture in the Main Timeline as static Background for this display where the loop is runnning?




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Hi, up to the current version of Watchout 5.5.2, this aux-timeline-bug (some may call it feature..) is in place!

No matter if it is one still or multiple, moving or not.

It shows the underlying timeline for about one frame.

But not for the whole output, just a part of it.

And yes, this is repeatable with different machines. And looks horrible on a big LED-wall.




Maybe someone can fix this, please?

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