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playback file size 1920X1200 on lampless projector


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We have a project coming up with three screens, edge blended using some kind of new-fangled "lampless projector" that uses lasers or something. Less heat, no lamps to replace.  Anyway, the native resolution is 1920X1200. I know Watchout can create a show at that resolution, but can I create a rendered video file at that rez that won't be prohibitively large? I know mpg's don't allow unusual frame sizes.  I think I can create an H.264 at that size. Anything else I not thinking of?

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Depending on your encoding procedure, you can certainly make an MPEG2 at that resolution. Assuming your encoder can make it, WATCHOUT will have no problem playing it. But H.264 is certainly another option. You don't say anything about your framerate or hardware, so it's hard to be more specific.


Neither of this really has anything to do with what kind of projector/lamps you're using, so I don't quite understand why you bring that up. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding your question.

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Who says mpeg doesn't allow for unusual frame sizes? The Adobe suite doesn't allow you to exceed 1920 width / height (or 2000) but for watchout, as long as you keep the "times 8 division" in mind, you're good to go.

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