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URGENT: display settings not available


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Hello, I have a show in 3 hours. We are running VGA into our server and I need to make it work. It keeps reading display settings not available. How do I change the display definition? Should I change the resolution settings in the computer? If so to what? Please email me at carrierav@gmail.com if you are able to trouble shoot with me.

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If you set thedisplay manually (in Windows control panel)  to the desired resolution and frequency before starting WATCHOUT, WATCHOUT will not attempt to set it. However, since WATCHOUT seems unable to set the desired resoltuion, chances are Windows won't let you either, in which case I'm afraid the display/graphics card combination simply doesn't support that resolution or frequency.

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Did you get it working? Sounds like you're talking about capturing vga, not outputting it as Mike described?

One rule applies when capturing live input: don't look at Watchout first!! Just check within the software of the capture card first (in this case I assume it's vision given the error message). Once it works in that software, it's not hard to get it to work in WO. Please note in v6, the chosen setting is not what you would think (RGB won't work whilst it did in v5, but ANY of the others do. Not sure if it works after the latest WO update though).

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