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Display machine fallback logo


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Sorry this is a simple question and I imagine there is a simple answer, but I have been unable to find it in either the manual or any forum threads.

I have a display machine running V5x in a permanent public place under serial control from another system. It has been fine for 3.5 years but recently there has been a problem upstream in the serial network and the WO machine has fallen back to the pre-online Dataton logo.


I need to replace the logo with a black screen?

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There's a "-NoLogo" command line switch that will disable the on-screen logo. Described in the WATCHOUT 6 manual:




It will work in v5 as well, but I believe in that version it may in that version not suppress the logo when the program is first launched - only subsequent appearances.

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v5.5.1+ suppresses the logo on startup with the -NoLogo switch in use.

With both 5.5.1+ and v6, the information text is still displayed (on a back background) until a show is loaded.

(information text = version, WATCHOUT computer name and cluster and IP address)

reference: http://forum.dataton.com/topic/56-hide-watchout-logo-progress-bar-while-updating-show/?p=288


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