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nvidia vs AMD?


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          I am going to build a display PC for watchout 6. The same PC I wanted to use for content creations as well. So I am little doubtful about choosing a graphics card  for watchout. I am looking for 4 display output. For content creation I require a high performance graphics card. My choices are    AMD Firepro W8100 and nvidia Titan X, so please help me to choose right graphics card for my both applications.


Thanks in advance.


Watchout PC spec for 4 display output.



Processor                 Intel i7-5960x


Mother board           Asus X99E-WS/usb3.1


Ram                        DDR4 64gb 2400Mhz G-skill


Graphics                   Firepro W8100  or nvidia Titan X



OS                            windows 10 pro


Chassie                    4U rackmount


  Supply                    1200W
CPU Cooler               Liquid cooled double radiator
Disk Drive   OS          Samsung 850  PRO 120GB
Disk Drive media       2 x Samsung 850  PRO 120GB RAID 0




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Hi there, gonna pass on advise on graphics card for now, but I suppose your media drive will be 240gb and not 120? Or are you using 2 60gb drives?


One personal advise : I recently found out 240 is too small for 4K hap projects ;-). Might wanna go 2 x 240 if you expect such projects.

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Hi Jithu,


Re: "Graphics card"


It's a bit of an apples vs pears comparisation, as I see it.

- AMD FirePro W8100 is a professional graphics card

- NVidia Titan X is a consumer gaming card


If budget allows, the W8100 is the better choice in my view.


Re: "Disk Drive media"

I would look into the new NVMe-based M2-SSD's (Gen3/PCIe x4) like the Samsung 950 PRO



On your selected MB (Asus X99E-WS/usb3.1), there is a slot for it. 

It's seriously fast, sequential read up to 2,500MB/s (512 GB), and not very expensive either.

Also avoiding the hassle of dealing with RAID 0 setup...



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