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I would like to control a timeline from the keyboard , there is a way ?


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AFAIK, Watchout's playmode can only be controlled by a keyboard's spacebar which toggles play/pause. The other keys (arrows, pgup, pgdown with or without Ctrl key) are for navigating the timeline.


If you have a macro keyboard that can map the spacebar to one of the macro keys, theoretically that would work. Not sure if Perfect Cue's clicker can be mapped to the spacebar. I have a Powerpoint-type hand-held remote, and it does not work with Watchout's playmode since the keys on my remote cannot be re-mapped.



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You can program the perfect cue to output different characters on the a and b outputs - you want to program the watchout side to output 0 (zero) which is tge keyboard play command. Space toggles - that means if the presenter hits forward before reaching a pause point the timeline stops. If using the 3 button remote Program back to be escape (which pauses the timeline) and the black screen button to d (enter standby mode). Leave the other side with the default map and Bob's your Uncle.

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The PerfectCue can be remapped to whatever key you want. That part shouldn't be that hard. You'll just have to watch which timeline is in the foreground. That's the only one that it will run. If there ISN'T an aux timeline in the foreground, then you'll be triggering the main timeline. Even if you have other timelines open, but just not in the foreground.

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