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Making 4K Content for UHD TV

Halvor Bekkevold

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WATCHMAX will provide 3840 x 2160 output at either 60p or 30p quite well.

For 4k use, depending on movie encoding you intend to use,

you might consider the WATCHMAX enhanced RAID option

that increases disk storage throughput about twofold.

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Is WatchMax overkill? I have the WO-License. If I use a ordinary computer, is there any limit in WO Software?


No, for 4k use, WATCHMAX is not overkill.


There is no limit in the WATCHOUT software other than those defined

(maximum six outputs from only one graphics card,

all outputs from one graphics card must the same resolution and refresh rate.)


All other limitations will derive from the hardware chosen.

From a practical perspective, when outputting 4K resolution,

the WATCHMAX will only provide two useable 4K outputs.

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