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WATCHNET License/Display License


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Hi all,


It seems as though two licenses are required to run WATCHNET and Watchout Display on the same computer, though I'm not finding anything that specifically says whether or not that's the case. Is it? If so, I'm not sure I understand why. Any help in understanding this would be very appreciated. Thank you.


 - Rob


You can not run WATCHNET and Watchout Display on the same computer.


Yes, WATCHNET does require its own dedicated WATCHOUT License.


It is possible to run WATCHNET and Watchout Production

on the same computer at the same time.

And if both are running at the same time,

then a license is needed for each.

So yes, two licenses are needed to run two WATCHOUT software applications

at the same time on the same computer.

WATCHNET, WATCHOUT Produciton, and/or WATCHOUT Dynamic Image Sever

can share a computer, providing each has its own license.


However, WATCHOUT Display is always on its own,

the WATCHOUT Display computer can not be shared

with any other application, WATCHOUT or otherwise.

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I'm confused. I understand the license requirements, but not the part about WATCHNET and Watchout Display being unable to run on the same computer. Currently, that is exactly what we're doing. I have WATCHNET and Watchout Display both in the startup folder, and a license key for each, so that both run simultaneously and automatically. All of our runs under this configuration have been successful. Is there a danger to operating this way?

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It's not that it can't run on the same computer. As you found out, it most likely can. I think Jim's answer is more along the lines of whether this is a good or a bad idea. In general, running anything else on a display computer may interfere with the timing precision and other performance aspects of that display computer, and should therefore be considered a Bad Idea.


If you're happy with the result, I'd say go for it. But I would still not recommend it, for the above reason.



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Yes, my comments were about interference with playback.

Random movie stuttering, animation stuttering, and other playback inconsistencies

may result from other tasks executing independently in the background.

We see that often enough without the added complication of other tasks stealing resources.


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