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3D objects and global origin


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This is more of a question of technique rather than a technical issue.

I am working on a set that has a large scrim Downstage and a large multi projector blended cyc upstage.

We are using version 6

We are bringing in 3D objects as part of the show. These objects are intended to grow and shrink.

Does the global origin that is placed in preferences affect 3D objects. In other words would a 3D chair appear differently on one surface than on the other depending on where the 3D global origin is placed in the stage window?

If so woul I have to place my downstage display overtop of my upstage displays and then use tiers in the stage window


Any thoughts would be appreciated

Ben Chaisson

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The global origin affects only the default optimal vantage point for 2D displays. It affects the look of 3D objects viewed on 2D displays. If a 3D object is placed left of the vantage point, you'll view if from front-right side. Likewise if you move it to the right if the vantage point, you'll see if from front left side.


This determines only the default perspective vanishing point. It is possible to apply local vanishing points, for instance if you want to have a display off to the side, and not have its content affected by the global vanisning point.


The vanishing point does not affect how 3D objects are viewed/projected by 3D cameras/projectors. Here each camera/projector establishes its own view point and perspective (i.e., its own optical axis and lens angle).


Hope this helps.

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