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Display Computer Not displaying


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Hey all! Thanks in advance for taking the time to read and help.


I'm networking together 2 Display computers with one production. Everything went smoothly in terms of networking and everything is pinging everything else fine and dandy. One of the display computers works totally fine, starts up just fine, displays content correctly. All good there.


The other one does not. I know it is networked and licensed properly as I can remote access it and the production computer is recognizing the license. However, upon startup, the machine will just display the Watchout 6 logo, without showing the name of the display computer, or the IP address (which the other display computer does). I have quadruple checked the settings of the stage in my production file to know that they are correct to the display projector (a Barco with a 1920x1200 pixel resolution), and again the networking is 100% working. It just will not receive or display any content. I've checked the resolution in the 'Screen Resolution' settings and it is set to 1920x1200 pixels (though, it is still displaying a 'generic' display) My gut tells me that it could be an EDID issue, however that seems somewhat unlikely. 


Any ideas? Let me know if I need to post more specifics.





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...  upon startup, the machine will just display the Watchout 6 logo, without showing the name of the display computer, or the IP address ..


That is what I would focus on first.


When you open WATCHOUT Production Network Window (found in WATCHOUT Production's Window menu)

do both display computers show up?


After the troublesome Display computer starts up and is stable, quit WATCHOUT Display and restart it.

This eliminates any potential conflicts that may occur during startup.

(Have seen WATCHOUT Display start before the network interface initializes on startup,

resulting in it not finding the network connection.)


Is there more than one network interface in your display computer?

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I agree with Jim. Not seeing the IP address on the display computer screen means it is not seeing the network or getting an IP address. What does the "ipconfig" terminal command show? Open a "cmd" shell, and type 




then copy the result and paste it here. This will tell us what your PC things about its network environment, which may give a clue.

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