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About Real Time Track In WatchOut


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Before I post this topic,I have read these links:






Then I search some videos in youtube.

I think Watchou can achieve this effect through external controls


But this real time track ,how to achieve 


I want to know more about Real Time Track In WatchOut.


Thanks  :D

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The realtime rendering capabilities of WO are a big value. So I think it is important being able to connect external sensors such as the Source Audio Hot Hand which is just about 100,- €.

For connecting a professional system as BlackTrax someone should write a program that translates their protocol (RTTrPM = Real Time Tracking Protocol for Motion) into the WO generic input control protocol. This might be "fairly simple". Their protocol is open source: 


Here you will see a link for RTTrP, and from there you can find the RTTrPM branch information.


I got this information from the BlackTrax Product Specialist William McDaniel.




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  • Moderator

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your comment.

Dataton constantly look for ways to improve the WATCHOUT capability to meet the market needs.

At the same time we also need to keep the natural workflow in the production process, and secure that integration of 3rd party products work properly. Thou a script to translate and interface with other protocols might seem simple, the testing, verification, and documentation process take considerable resources. We also need to secure that future upgrades and releases of new software versions from both parties are supported.

This is all ment to meet the criteria of not jeopardizing the core product.

We have contact with several suppliers of 3rd party products, and are investigating the possibilities of future integration of supporting services and products to our product line.

Best regards

Trond Solvold

Sales Manager

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I've done this many times successfully, but you need some sort of intermediary interface to translate the tracking system api into watchout api using setInput. From there, the sky is the limit.

An what kind of translation do you use for this? A custom one?

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Until Watchout supports generative and procedural content and input processing these tracking things will remain tricky to play with, high interactivity does require much work when working with playbacks. Other than that Watchout has no input processing whatsoever, so damping and prediction must be done before the input is sent to whatchout and Watchout doesn't give feedback; positions, orientation, rotation, all manipulated parameters or coordinate must be tracked in the external software as you cannot query Watchout for the infos (as far as I know, would be happy to be wrong).


That being said, there are many packages out there that could manage your interactivity and digest the input before sending them to Watchout. Then, color changes, rotations, media follow, position based playback triggers, are all doable. I am not sure I should list them here as some are from competitors but a quick search on google should give you a few results.


One last thing, Watchout doesn't latch, it starts, stops or pause, and it doesn't auto generate channels in case you trigger the same timeline twice (at best you will restart the video) playing back a video for as long as a note is pressed for example is not possible, latency and lack of enveloppes amongst other make it unaesthetic. 


Watchout is a superb software but as far as interactivity goes it is pretty limited right now.


You might also consider a VRPN server for easy interfacing with Watchout.



Also, Blacktrax uses Optitracks technology which is now available for everyone and quite impressive. Here is their VR application page (you feed a screen rather than an helmet but it's the same package):


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Hi all!

We will soon be able to have a smooth import of tracking data into WATCHOUT media servers.

RTTrPM which is a part of RTTrP will be supported on selected Dataton hardware.

Release is planned to Q3-2018.


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