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Recursive use of Virtual Display message


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Hello all,


I am using Watchout 6 on a project that has 4 Projectors. 2 for a curved wall in back and 2 for the floor and a platform that tracks up and downstage.


The project is set-up to use an .OBJ for the curved wall as well as the floor and tracking platform. Each of these is then textured with a virtual display. 


With almost every cue we take that includes the curved back wall an error is thrown "Recursive use of virtual displays may yield unexpected results: Projector SL"


What is the cause of this and how can it be avoided?




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This warning occurs when WATCHOUT thinks that the Virtual Display (the rectangle in the stage window) is overlapping with a cue using it's corresponding media. Such case may result in unexpected graphical artifacts, and that is why you get the warning message.


The cue in this case is the .OBJ 3D object, which is using the image from the virtual display as texture.


There are 2 ways to fix this:

  1. Move the 3D objects further away from the virtual displays, or vice versa, to make sure they are not ovelapping.
  2. Place the virtual displays on a different stage tier, and make sure that the 3D object cues are not visible on that tier.

I hope this helps.

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