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Update Display Machines With Output


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Hi all,

I was wondering if it is possible to use a string output to update a single display machine at a time?




No. but,

Not sure I fully understand the question.

Do you want to instruct watchmaker to only transfer content

to a specified watchpoint computer in a multi-watchpoint computer system?

For example, watchmaker editing content for multiple WATCHPAX in a common cluster.


If so, there is a tedious, manual way to do this.

Edit the display settings to enable / disable the checkbox marked "Use this display"

to specify the watchpoint computers, as desired.

What makes it tedious – if you have four outputs on one computer,

you need to edit in all four places. Of course, v6 allows all those dialogs to remain open,

so you can line them up to make the process reasonably quick.


Still begs the question — why?

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Thanks so much for the response!


Yes, the idea would be to have the capability to update only specified display machines within a cluster.


One of the issues we have with using Watchout for Live Broadcast is having to update all the displays when we are just making changes to one.  It's just a thought, but if we could update an individual display machine we could just wait for those particular monitors to be off camera.  


Often, the director will just want us to scale a logo down or reposition it slightly and it would be great to not impact the displays on other machines. 


The manual approach you mentioned sounds like it would achieve the desired effect, but like you said it would be a little tedious.  I'll test this out soon.


Thanks for the info!



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Tim, for such a situation and the required flexibility, why don't you use the live update mode? You can adjust a logo on a screen which is out of shot at that moment and it will adjust the position live without the need for performing a general update.

I usually only use live update mode during programming because once the show starts I'd rather not perform any editing anymore. But for such a broadcast situation... Why not.

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