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New geometry points


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Hi I'm Cristian, new member dataton's Forum, greeting to all.


Use a lenovo laptop E531 i7,8 gb Ram with W7 Home Premium to Producction. I'm using WO6.1 version.

First all works good, but when I try add points in a full Geometry options. The software unresponsive.

Someone has been same problem?




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A search indicates, yes, someone had seen it where the displays did not display the changes,

no we could not duplicate it,

and no resolution was ever posted.


The software unresponsive.


Could you be more clear?


You can not add points in the geometry window in production?


this will happen when correction is set to   none   , which is default,

change the popup to the correction type desired before you start working with points


You can add points in geometry tab,

 but the displays do not respond to your moving points?


Something else?

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No, I Know... sorry to my short description.


I'm working in the geometry window in production,

I Haven't problems with the points there are. I can move and I can see the results but when add points  the production software close unexpectly and generate me a wachtmaker 6.1-20160408-153158.dmp file.

The rest of the software's works  me good.


Do yo know what can be ? i tryed with a 3 diferent laptops with same result.

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Take a screenshot of what your screen looks like just before you "add the point" that makes the production software crash. Submit that screenshot, along with the above mentioned dmp file and a copy of the show file saved JUST BEFORE you add that point. This should allow the problem, if any, to be reproduced and investigated. Send to support@dataton.com



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Hi everybody,


I have the same problem with 6.1.


I work last month at

Karlovy Vary


and Liberec 


I place 30 or 40 points in geometry and production was fine. I place one more point on some place and production was not responding. Thanks to autosave for now :) I was able to put another 20 points, and I try again to place point on same place where production crashes and production was not responding again. So I could not be so precise on some places.


Ivo / Czechvideomapping.com

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