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swf dynamic media issue


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Hi all,

a couple of questions regarding flash text in SWF files:


1: triggering SWF movie files as dynamic images doesn't seem to be as responsive as other types of media. Occasionally the contents of the SWF file doesn't show up for a couple of seconds after the cue is triggered, and this means any animation I've applied to it is also missed.


2: I've created the SWF file in Adobe Animate CC (the latest version of Flash Pro). When I view the SWF movie on that computer (Mac Book Pro) the result looks perfect. nice and smooth antialiasing, and any animation in the file plays out nicely.

When I play it in WO the anti aliasing is all jagged (like it's low quality, or no antialiasing applied), and the motion is jumpy (like it's a low frame rate).


All Computers have the correct fonts installed, and I've tried embedding the fonts as well.

All other media types play out in WO with no problem. It seems to be isolated to Dynamic images



System info:

Dynamic Server:

Win7Pro 64bit

Quad Core i7

16gb Ram


Watchout V6.1


Display Machine:

Win7 Pro 64bit

10 Core Xeon E5

32gb Ram


Watchout V6.1


Network is a standard gigabit system using a CISCO SG100 switch. 


Q: Does WO use the font kit to render things out, or is it converting the text in the movie to jpeg / bmp, or something like that?


Q: Any ideas what I can do to investigate this further?


cheers guys.







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I believe it does still support "animations". I.e., it supports images that change over time. I once did a live PONG game that played quite well through the dynamic image server. Although the framerate will often be lower than what you usually get from Flash when played in a browser. This is particularly the case if the imge is "complex" in terms of its content, colors, gradients, etc (that PONG game I did was all black and white, just for this very reason).



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Ah, ok. That will be the problem. Thanks.

I've been trying to use SWFs for fancy text instead of Apple's keynote, but I guess that's not going to work for me.

Any idea how I could achieve this in WO?

I need animated text wipes,



Generate the multiple text images with Flash and perform the wipe in WATCHOUT with a tween track.

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