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WO crashes - MacBook Pro w/Bootcamp

Michel Gilbert

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Hi, we mainly use Watchpax units for display. Production uses a Mac Pro running Bootcamp and Win 8.1 on WO 5.5.1.


As a display computer during production we would like to use a MacBook Pro.  We have used it with the same softwares mentioned above. However, sometimes,  and quite often, WO crashes on the MacBook Pro running Bootcamp.


Our program is not "heavy", single screen, still images, mainly fades and scaling.


Any idea/suggestion...




Michel Gilbert




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More important than the hardware is Windows OS and driver configuration.


Apple supplies the internal hardware drivers for bootcamp

Apple supplied drivers for USB controllers, Disc controller,

sound co-processor, on-board graphics, etc, etc

 are part of a correct bootcamp setup.

Use hardware manager to confirm

your internal hardware drivers are sourced from Apple, not Microsoft.


Have you run the OS configuration checklist?

WATCHOUT Technical Notes - 2015 — WATCHOUT Display & Production computer Tweaking list

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