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Am using watchout since a year now. but i never used custom resolutions. cos we use processors for LED walls to scale the resolutions. But now i heard watchout can handle multiple custom resolutions from 1 graphic card.  but it didnt work for me too.  i use AMD firepro W7000 card and watchout 6.1.2.  i get an error " Display specifications mismatch. Specified resolution and framerate cant be set".  

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WATCHOUT 6.1.2+ supports multiple resolutions from a single graphics card.


Custom is a different set of criteria, mainly EDID related.

WATCHOUT does not overcome Windows behavior related to available resolutions and EDID.


What device do you have that presents valid EDID for 1556 x1408  and/or 1792 x 1280?

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This is what has worked for me since V4 & V5 of Watchout


Capture the EDID from the Sending Card,
Lock that Edid to that GFX Head using a Emulator or in the FirePro series Lock in naively within the Card,
You should be able to Drive anything within a Single Link Capacity - However The minimum Width or Height is 640, & 480 Respectively i think,


Since V6

i Can setup all the Gfx Heads to Do different Resolutions,,, which is Epic,,, but i did find it better to maintain the same resolutions especially if i needed to Use External Syn to lock all the Heads together.

Custom Resolutions is ALL i use with feeding LED screens,,,

basically lets you maximize on your Overall Canvas

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