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Production PC requrment


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                I need to know about the production PC hardware requirement, I am using a laptop as my production PC( 2 core i7, 8GB ram, quadro 1GB,512SSD,win7tweaked) some times its slowing down while using watchout6 so I need some advice from the experienced users to choose a good production laptop or PC



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You seem to know the requirement as you have a functioning laptop.

The published requirement is in every edition of the WATCHOUT User Guide,

that requirement only coves the minimum requirement to get the software to open and run.

It provides no guidance on performance.


If you are uncertain on choices, contact your local Dataton Premium Partner.

Most of them have already done the research and testing,

and offer ready to go WATCHOUT PC solutions

with support for both WATCHOUT and the hardware they offer.

Dataton offers WATCHOUT display servers as well,

but they do not offer production laptop solutions as far as I know.


Any suggestions you get on this forum are just that - suggestions.

If it does not work, you are still on your own.

Based on the nature of your question,

 it would appear you need more than that.


Hardware is less than half the compatibility concern.

OS tuning is far more critical to success.


As for you laptop slowing down,

have you considered easing the load by tuning down the preview?

(in the Preview menu - things like show movies as thumbnails, etc)

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