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Network Video and Syphon

Steve Farris

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I am working on a project where one of the elements will be live content created in Syphon.  I am trying to figure out the best way to stream that content in to Watchout.  Due to system constraints, we can't using live capture cards in the computers.


It would appear that the "Network Video" object is the way to accomplish this.  I have no experience incorporating this, so I'm looking for any advice I can get.  With some preliminary research using The Google, it would seem that VLC is capable of acting as a server for an RTP stream.  The question is how to send the Syphon output to VLC.


A second question would be are there other streaming protocols that Watchout can access, or does it need to be RTP?




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Hi, you could use USB capture too. I'm not sure if there is a good way to convert syphon to RTP/RTSP with decent latency.


This is not pretty but what you can do is the following by using NDI:


Syphon2NDI -> Spout2NDI -> Spout/SpoutCam -> WATCHOUT


Or you can use:


TCPSyphon -> TCPSpout -> Spout/SpoutCam -> WATCHOUT


We will add better support for network video in 6.2 but at the moment its a bit tricky to do stuff like this.


Best Regards,



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I made som tests with this path a few years ago


   TCPSyphon -> TCPSpout -> Spout/SpoutCam -> WATCHOUT


and it actually worked surprisingly well. This makes the use of the Live Video media in WATCHOUT, mapping it to the SpoutCam "capture" source. But if you want high resolution and/or high frame rate, it may not work that well. Also, keep in mind that the Spout path uses TCP (and not UDP, as the Network Video), so playing a video straddling multiple computers may not give very good sync.



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The current version of NDI is also running using TCP. It syncs pretty well but is a bit bandwidth heavy. 1080p at 60Hz needs slightly more than 100 Mb/s per stream/server for filmed content and a bit less for computer generated content. The latency in NDI is usually 1-2 frames.

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