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Error codes elaboration request


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Hello everyone,


We have been facing a problem with one of our WO servers. And currently we are in the process of diagnosing the issue. Knowing the elaboration of the error codes would be highly helpful. The error codes are kinda self-explanatory. But what we are looking for is the exact cause of the error and what is the difference between them. We are mainly looking at 3 error codes:

  • ...Network error; Display computer: Disappeared.
  • ...Network error; Display computer: Connect failed.
  • ...Network error; Display computer: Connection lost.

In case the topic has been discussed prior, please refer me to the post.

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  • Moderator

All of those are essentially the same thing, the Display computer is no longer communicating.

Since there is no communication, it is not possible for production to know any more than that.


For further detail, go to the display computer that has stopped communicating,

go to the folder where WATCHOUT is installed,

open the logs folder found there,

and look for logs for watchdog, watchpoint or wp.

The logs are text files readable in any text editor.

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