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Hi Everybody,

i have a request :

il will have a show next february and i would like to start a show with the remote control by touch screen (IPAD)

BUT is it possible to have in full screen just the play BUTTON or a hand image ?

Thanks for your help.



Is it possible - yes.

You would need to write your own iPad application to do that,

the hooks are in WATCHOUT 5 to support it.


If you have not done so, go the App store

and download the free utility Dataton WATCHOUT Remote to your iPad.


Get WATCHOUT Remote working as a baseline.


Then write a custom iOS web appliction for what you want or

commission a custom app to a qualified iOS web app developer.

If you can not find a qualified iOS web app developer,

consider the company Dataton commissioned to create their custom iPad app

for the Dataton WATCHOUT trade show booth - yodesign.se.

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