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WO5 - Video clip playback intermittent problem - URGENT


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I have an intermittent problem with a video clip not appearing on the projector when it is played on the timeline.  When the pause point is fired from an external midi trigger it does not appear for .5-1 seconds.  When it does appear it is into the clip at the point at which it would be if it started playing when triggered … it just did not display out the projector.  The clip does appear on the production computer in the stage window. 


Typically the cue runs just fine, but this problem does show up intermittently.  The clip was 1920x1080 MP4 H.264 30fps.  We re-rendered it as a MPEG2  1920x1080 30fps but still have the problem.  




System Setup:


Watchout 5

One display computer

One production computer

Christie DHD 800 projector


Pause point with video clip starting 0.1 second after the pause.

Added a 1 second preroll after this problem started


Current Clip Information:





Any Information would be appreciated.






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  • Moderator

Is the video on the main timeline or an auxiliary timeline?

Sounds like you are triggering an aux timeline in Stop state.

If so, what you describe is normal and expected.

To avoid that, either pause the timeline before triggering it,

so that it is not dormant when asked to perform.

Or move your video back farther to allow more time for the timeline 

to transition from dormant to active.

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