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Someone who can explain how to do when you need spliting a video file that will be on two or more screens to file becomes too heavy otherwise.

Has understood that we should use something called Video Proxy. But have not really understood how I get the program to know how to split the movie. How does it know what is the left and right for example.
Thanks in advance
/ Mathias
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A good start is the Watchout 6 user guide which is available for download at dataton.com. Watchout does not split the files for you, you will have to do that yourself, considering overlaps for edge blend areas etc. The users guide has a basic explanation for this. 

When the files are split, you will have to use a video proxy to be able to play the files. Please note that there are some naming conventions you have to follow for it to work. I would recommend putting the extension on the individual files, not the folder containing the pre split files. Additionally, the files need to have the exact same name as the display they are to be played on. 



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