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Watchpax v6 with other licences v5

Miguel Bosch

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All WATCHPAX and WATCHPAX 2 support v5.5.1 & v5.5.2,

and if v6 enabled, all v6 variants.

If you are buying a new WATCHPAX 2 most of what is below does not apply to you.


But here is all the detail on WATCHPAX version changes.


It is likely most WATCHPAX are still v5 only, if needed,

v6 can be added electronically for an upgrade fee.

It is possible to encounter v5 only WATCHPAX 2 and the same applies,

although the bulk of the WATCHPAX 2 out there are both v5 & v6 enabled.


BTW All v6 license USB keys are compatible with v5.5.x


It is important to understand upgrading an

older v5 only WATCHPAX involves two separate areas.

License version supported and software version.

First you must upgrade the license using

v5.5.x WATCHOUT Production (aka watchmaker) License Manager

before you upgrade the WATCHOUT software.

When upgrading the license in a v5 only WATCHPAX

you must use watchmaker v5.5.x


WATCHPAX version changes (either backward or forward) are accomplished

from WATCHOUT Production (aka watchmaker).

So to downgrade a v 6.x.x WATCHPAX,

open watchmaker v5.5.x and go online, answer yes to the request to change version.


You must have a functioning display connected to the WATCHPAX

to perform either type of upgrade (yes, I have been asked before).


Note: when performing a WATCHOUT software upgrade, once you start it, hands off

until you see the WATCHPAX WATCHOUT logo screen displaying the new version number.

Ignore any error messages encountered during a software version change

(License key not found is a common one, ignore it during this process.)


WARNING If you encounter a WATCHPAX showing v5.5.x on its startup screen

you must confirm v6 is enabled BEFORE allowing watchmaker to install v6.x.x software.

You can only confirm that with watchmaker v5.5.x.


If you software version upgrade a v5 only WATCHPAX to v6, you will "brick" the WATCHPAX.

Check enabled versions using v5.5.x watchmaker License Manager (in Window menu).

Note, v6 License Manager will not work with a WATCHPAX displaying v5 in its startup screen.

v6 software upgrade will work and can be applied to a WATCHPAX displaying v5,

and it does not check the license version first.

If v6 license is there, you will be fine, if not, you are toast.


you must use v5.5.x to manage and upgrade version 6 License support for a WATCHPAX displaying v5.

After v5.5.x has successfully added or confirmed v6 license support,

you may then use v6 watchmaker to upgrade the WATCHPAX to WATCHOUT 6 software.


WATCHPAX 4 will only function with v6.2+ when it is released in the near future.

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