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3 x 4K not working : "Unexpected display reconfiguration"


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I have a Watchout Display with an AMD Firepro W9100 plugged into 3 3840x2160 displays.

In a new Watchout Production 6.1.3 file, I create 2 displays of 3840x2160 resolutions. All is good.

But, when I add a third display (3840x2160) and go live, all 3 displays go black and the Watchout Production console outputs this :



The W9100 data sheet specifies that 


With six Mini DisplayPort outputs and support for DisplayPort 1.2, the AMD FirePro W9100 can actually drive up to six

4K displays without DisplayPort 1.2 MST hubs³


The 3 displays are not losing signal or anything like that. The Windows desktop has no problem getting displayed.

Any idea what's going wrong ?



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Active Adapters are key!  I am using MiniDisplayport to HDMI 1.4 Active adapters.  Make sure they support 1.4!  I was told the Monoprice adapters we had "did 4k all the time".  Simply not gonna work right.  In AMD Command Center, look under EDID management, and make sure each Display show 3840 or 4160 as max supported resolution, at least 8 lanes.  Passive adapter will show 1920 as theax resolution.  I had very similar issues using passive adapters.  It worked once for me early on when it shouldn't have, so I marched down that path quite awhile before I broke down and googled the monoprice adapters and found they were only HDMI 1.3  :blink:


I actually came on here to ask a similar question for those in the know..

I am successfully getting three 3840x2160 outputs.  When I add a fourth identical display, Watchpoint fails to run correctly.  The screens flash but instead of a Black screen with watchout logo, I see desktop, however no mouse.  Production sees the system when I test connection, but wont go online.  Ctrl-Q closes Watchpoint, mouse works after.  Go back to three displays, works fine.  Tried with 6.1.4, 6.1.2 and 6.0.2, same thing.  W9100 with Active adapters.  Same result whether I force the EDIDs in AMD Command Center to not.  Can't get more than three 4k outputs...  Is there some limit I may be hitting?  Same machines do 6x 1080 outputs all day just fine.


I am getting three output of 4k using HAP Alpha mostly with good results, thought I'd push my luck to find the limit where I start to chug/drop frames/piss it off.  :D 4K is a whole different level of fun... 

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Hi, three 4K shouldn't be a problem with AMD but there is a bug in their driver preventing DirectX9 to run 4x 4K. AMD are working on this issue and I hope they find a solution soon.


Nvidia don't have these problems in windows 7 and the WATCHPAX4 can drive 4x 4K screens at 60Hz.


For the AMD W9100, are you running displayport all the way? Technically the card is capable of at least 3x 4K@60Hz and 6x 4K@30Hz but you need to have proper cables and adapters. If running 60 Hz you also need to enable displayport 1.2 in some monitors.

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Current project is HDMI 1.4 through active adapters into a dozen 70" Samsungs @4K24.  They are only 4k30 displays, not 4k60.  We have done 4k60, we have active Display port 1.2 cables that are working well for us, hybrid copper/fiber molded units..  We are also going jobs with Christie Boxers @4k60, though usually dual-port since no one has the QDPIC cards needed for single-port 4k.  


Glad to hear there is a known bug with AMD.  I too will follow anxiously. That bug-fix and HAP Q Alpha support are all I want for Christmas!

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