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Trigger Avolite Arena Desk from Watchout


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I have no clue what sort of control the Avolite Arena can take.

To answer the second question: you can only select one MIDI device to work with WATCHOUT.

One possible way would be to use a midi merger device or an USB to MIDI (5-pin DIN cvonnector) adaptor and fader boxes which can be daisy-chained with outputs on a MIDI plug.

I have one client who wrote a bit of software to catch the midi commands and then forwarded this to MIDI rtp. WATCHOUT was then listening to this virtual MIDI input.

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  • Dataton Partner

LTC or MTC (coverted through an external device) is usually the choice if the lighting show is fully pre-programmed along the show time.

If you just want to trigger sequences Artnet or DMX is used.

Under preferences you can define the standard input and output universes. In the current versions of WATCHOUT you can send out Artnet into more than one universe which is then defined in the actual output channel. You can find this in the output window (DMX). Once an output channel is defined you can just drag this into a timeline and use the attached fade tween to fade the channel up or down.

If your console can receive Artnet there is no need for an external converter from Artnet to DMX.

Important: WATCHOUT only receives or sends Artnet when it is online!

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