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Play Audio with Video through DI BOX


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Hello there,


I'm going to load-in a show tomorrow and have a question about audio. Since I've never done audio with Watchout before, I think it would be wise to ask the forum for some guidance before I run into trouble.


There are a couple of .mov files that have audio embedded in them. The audios are expected to be played with the video in WO. We've rented a USB-DI(http://www.blackdogaudio.net/) and will be connected to sound system through XLR.


Shall I connect the DI box to display computer or production computer? Are there any patches I need to do in Windows or WO?


We are using Watchout 6.


Any help is greatly appreciated.






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To my knowledge, the blackdogaudio USB interfaces should actually work without installing drivers. I usually connect USB audio interfaces to my display computers but I know that other people use the production computer instead. Using the display computers in my opinion has a benefit when it comes to backup systems. Just plug one interface into the main display set and one into the backup set and both will work fine.



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