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Export 3D mapping projector view?


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If it is just a still capture of the 3D Projector view, then built into Windows is the Snipping Tool. You will have to drag out the view to fill your monitor, then use the Rectangular Tool to drag-select-and-snap and save it.


If you require a video of the 3D Projector view, Watchout has the File > Export Movie of the viewable Stage. Needs a licence key. Again drag out the Stage to fill Watchout as this export is WYSIWYG of the Stage.


Thomas Leong

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I believe th OP asks about exporting a 3D Projector's view tab as a video file, while running the show, to give the client a 3D visualization of the show. As far as I know, this view can't be exported (only the stage window can). As a possible work around, you could set up something like Camtasia to record the part of the display that shows the "3D calera view" as the show runs. I believe they have a demo version that you can run for a week or so, allowing you to test this method.



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Thank you for answer, as I understand and tested, the only way is to print screen a scalled "view window" of the "3D Mapping projector" or to be satisfied with front, top or left view of the stage window. Or is there a way to move in stage window like in the "view window"  of the "3D Mapping projector"?

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