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Change path �in WO display PC


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Search is your friend: Forcing WO display pc's to use second disk

Since that six year old post, it has been added to the documentation.


WATCHOUT 6.1 User Guide


Apendix D - Command Line Options - page 172


Specifies the location of the “Shows” folder, which in its turn contains all the shows that have been

transferred to the display computer. By default, this folder is named “Shows” and is located in the

WATCHOUT installation folder. In some cases, you may want to locate this folder elsewhere, such as

on a separate drive. If so, use this command line option to do so.

Specify the path to the desired location after the -ShowsFolder option, separated by a space. Remember

to put the path inside double quotes if it contains any spaces.


Note: The orignal version of this command was


and the most recent version is


To the best of my knowledge, both versions work in current software.

With v5 and earlier, you will need to use the -ShowPath version.

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Hi David,


You can do it adding a command line on the Watchpoint shortcut, if you add -ShowPath /E:/ it will store the shows on E: unit. You can find information at page 172 of the Watchout 6.1 manual.


I realised on the manual put  -ShowsPath instead -ShowPath. Is it a mistake?

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Thanks!!! I watched the old post but did not work.

Thank you very much!! Now Yes!!! :)


Not sure what you mean by that?

The information in the six year old post is still correct and will work today with v6.1.5


As I stated above, you can use either version of the command in current software.

Your statement had me doubting myself, so I just set it up and tested.


Created two folders for testing

ShowsAlt1 and ShowsAlt2


Created two shows for testing

ShowsPath testing 615 Alt1 and ShowsPath testing 615 Alt2


Created  three shortcuts with the following command line switches:

-ShowsPath ShowsAlt1

-ShowPath ShowsAlt2 -delay 10

(keep in mind, for testing I am running these from the desktop.

When running from autostart. you may need to include the delay

(and why I tested delay with one switch too).


Ran first shortcut and loaded its dedicated show.

Quit and ran the second shortcut and loaded its dedicated show.


Both the command line switches -ShowPath and -ShowsPath worked as expected.


Checked the resulting folders on the watchpoint computer, and each had its expected show.




Note: in my shortcuts above the folder name

  for the new show storage location has no spaces.

If there are spaces anywhere in that name or its path, you must surround it with straight quotes (").


The alternate location folders are in the "WATCHOUT folder",

so they need no path - placing them anwhere else requires the full path.

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