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"More than one stage item"


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I've been using WO for a while now, as a controller for animated stage backdrops.  I have recently encountered an error message that I have never seen before, and which I have been unable to clear.  It comes up when I load a new show file and attempt to go online for the first time.  Instead of sending the shows out to the display computers, I see this:


"More than one stage item in a layer has the name Display 1"


I'm using a three display setup, and a simple sequenced timeline.  All of my video cues are video proxies which project across all three projectors.  To try and isolate the problem, thinking it was a single cue, I eliminated each of the cues from the timeline one by one, until I had nothing left.  Even with a completely empty timeline, I get this same error message.  I assume there must be an error in my setup somewhere, but I can't figure out where.  Any thoughts?

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This does not appear to be related to cues or timelines.


The most common cause of

"More than one stage item in a layer has the name Display 1"

is two displays that are defined exactly the same and

are stacked on top of each other on the same stage tier.


If you copy a display and then hit paste,

the new exact copy stacks on top of the original.

It could look like nothing changed when it did,

so it can happen unintentionally..

To make use of the new exact copy,

 you would need to move and rename it.


If this is the cause, to fix ....

Go offline.

Make the stage window the active window.

Find Display 1 and delete it.

Is there still a Display 1 there after the delete?

Problem solved.

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