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Automatic projector alignment/calibration

Lloyd Stewart

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I would really like to have some way to quickly auto-align/calibrate my projectors when setting up to do a Watchout show.


From time to time I'll come across interesting websites or videos like these:









......that speak about automatic projector alignment and calibration. At the moment, I am mostly concerned about alignment. (At set up, I spend a considerable amount of time, adjusting projectors and then using Geometry Correction to get the perfect blend, but am rarely totally satisfied)


Now don't get me wrong, geometry correction in Watchout is a wonderful, much, much appreciated thing, especially as compared to having nothing at all as in the initial versions of Watchout.


But one can't help but wish that there was an automatic way to perfectly align/calibrate our projectors quickly for our Watchout shows, at a reasonable cost.


Perhaps some might already be doing so with some form of auto-alignment/calibration and would be willing to point the way?


Comments from anyone, but most especially our Watchout gurus, are most appreciated.





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Hi Lloyd!


I fully understand your concern and you're absolutely right. In some situations Auto-calibration is definitely the way to go.


The Domeprojection system (First link in your mail) works beautifully with WATCHOUT



Best regards,

Fredrik Svahnberg


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As wonderful as it is, it seems that the alignment software is rather costly, or at least it would be for me. In the 10K Euro range. I'm sure that's resonable because of the limited market, and the domeprojection.com people are wonderful, but I'm just not in a position to take advantage at the moment. Maybe someday.


Come to think of it though, down the road, if a future version of Watchout included alignment software, I'd upgrade in a heartbeat. Hint, hint.

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