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2w x 3h seamless wall stage programing and content question


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This maybe a simple solution but i have a project where i have a 2w x 3h 55" seamless wall. i want to play six individual 1080 videos at once, 1 on each monitor. then play one video that plays across all monitors.

I was going to send a display output to each monitor 1:1 and build 6 1080 displays on the stage. Easy enough but my question comes in when i'm going to switch to playing a video across all screens.

Since my overall resolution is 3840x3240 i'm wondering how i should create the video file for this.

should I

1. just pre split the video into 6 1920x1080 videos

2. just make the video left justified using only 1280x1080 portion in a 1920x1080 video and scale tween it up to fit the wall

3 create the video at the exact resolution 3840x3240, if i were to do this im not sure what codec i should use to keep the file size down

4 create the video left justified in a 5760x3240  only using the 3840x3240 portion and again what codec should i use to keep the file size down.


thanks in advance for any help and if this is unclear i would be more than happy to add detail.

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Approach 1, 2 or 3 should be fine.

4 would not be a good choice.


Your video encoding software will impact the choice for 3.

If file size is an issue,

and your video encoding software can do it,

mpeg2 with the proper encoding options would be a good choice.

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