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OSC/UDP Cue control


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  I need to set up Watchout to be cued from a lighting console. The console can't send a MIDI signal without expensive extra equipment, but it can send either an OSC or UDP signal. I'm very new to both of these protocols - is there a way for Watchout to hear an OSC or UDP signal and use that to trigger a cue on the main timeline?


Thank you.

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You can send OSC messages via TCP or UDP. The WO production computer can be controlled with TCP or UDP, but can not (yet?) understand the OSC protocol. The commands WO understands are documented in the Production Computer Protocol. The commands for WO Display Computers are nearly the same and documented in the Control Protocol.



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You can not use OSC to control WATCHOUT but UDP can be used to control the programming software WATCHMAKER in a WATCHOUT setup. This is usually what you would like to control in a live show environment. You need to enable this under preferences.

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the best way in this case is to use TCP or UDP protocol.

For exemple you can create in TASK Windows a new AUX timeline with the name 01


to start this AUX timeline you can only send this commane:


run "01"\r to production ip port 3040.


Can you test it with packetsender ( https://packetsender.com )


very important, remember to activate on production computer under preference > control, TCP or UDP or both

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