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Watchout Display loses signal when going online


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Edit 09/22: False alarm everyone. It only happens when I'm on a live video element when I go online, which I've been having problems with. And it's all I've been testing recently which is why it kept on happening. Watchpoint is fine when going online with images and video. Thanks to every one who replied!


Display PC Specs

  • CPU - i7-6850K
  • Mobo - Asrock X99 Taichi - Motherboard
  • RAM - G.Skill Trident Z 32GB 3200MHz
  • GPU - AMD Firepro W600
  • OS - Windows 7 Professional SP1 64-bit
  • Watchout 5.5.2

I have only one monitor plugged into the Display PC. When going online for the first time after opening Watchpoint, I will lose the signal to the monitor. I can fix is by going in an out of Windowed Mode (Ctrl+W). The problem will disappear until I close and reopen Watchpoint. This has happened with multiple monitors. I have recently reformatted the PC and redone the tweaking list but the problem persists.


Is there a deeper issue here or is it something I can ignore since it's not too much trouble?

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Q1: Are you sure signal to monitor is lost when going online? The std behaviour when going online is a black fullscreen, assuming the Production PC is in pause mode at the beginning of the Main Timeline. Did you try to play the Timeline?


Please ignore. Read your other posts and you seem to be an experienced user. Apologies.

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