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Startup issue

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Hi Everyone

This is a new one on me. I've just upgraded to V5.1 and dutifully put 'watchout display' in the startup menu as per normal. Only problem is that I now have a cursor mid screen and two instances of Watchout display running. One as Watchpoint, and one as Watchout display if I hit esc as per normal I see the desktop briefly with a window of the normal watchout display but watchpoint immediately takes the screen back with cursor centre screen and no IP address etc. the PC is not going online but I can take control, It's bizarre any ideas what I've done wrong? Or more importantly any bright ideas on how to fix it so I can avoid a live oopsydaisy!


I followed the same procedure with all my display PC's and two are doing this and the others are fine....................?


Thanks for looking

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Check both your user startup menu and the system startup menu. I bet you have a shortcut to the app in both places. Windows is dutifully launching multiple instances.

Shine On!


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