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Separate Display Update

Chris MB

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I have two separate "shows" going on at the same time. Essentially an 8 output show running off of two display machines and a third machine running two more outputs for a tag board feed.


I would love to do all of this off of one production computer however the tag board feed may need to be periodically updated throughout the show with new content given to me.


I currently have the two different "shows" on separate tiers and I'm wondering if there is a way to update the tag board feed tier without interrupting the main show tier. Currently every time I update the shows they flash black.

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Short anser is no, you can not update a cluster selectively - it is all only.

The  definition of a cluster is

all the displays referenced in the stage window of a single show file.


Have you consider an alternate approach?


If you break them into separate shows, separate clusters,

then you can update just one cluster without affecting the other.

WATCHNET is well suited to manage multiple clusters.

watchmaker only works on a single cluster at a time.


As for updating content, there are ways to program content

specifically intended to be updated while the show is running

without impacting show operation. (media URL, Image Server, Live Input, NDI, etc)

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Luckily I have another key with me so I am able to create another show file and run the tag board feed off of that, thanks for the info!


About the content, I have heard of receiving updates that way however our content designer for the show is on the move contrarily with his laptop so unfortunately that may not work.

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ALso, if you leave the show in "LIVE" mode, then when you load new media in, it will push to all displays in case they have to show it. If we're talking simple graphics, and not 30 Gig video files, this can be done live... with "caveat emptor" in mind I've done this a few times, with both large graphics, and small videos, without interrupting a show. I wouldn't load in the new media to the media pool in the middle of playing back a large video or something, but... it's possible.

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