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Blury texture mapping


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I have some issues with 3d mapping in Watchout.

I'm doing some tests now and get some blury/lowres results.

Maybe you can help me figure it out?


Here is the setup:

I have a 3ds model of the structure I want to project on.

I have a 3d projector set up, and are watching the Preview -> View window.

If I drag a texture on to the model it looks sharp an nice.


If I use a virtual display (same resolution as the texture) and then apply this display as the texture.

The same image looks blury.

The texture and virtual display are 3840 x 1467


I'm attaching some screen shots.







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Hi, the screenshots aren't showing up for me, but I'm guessing that you are looking at the 3D Displays in the Watchout production software, and not the output from the Display machine/projector itself. If the preview in the production software looks blurry, it's probably the 'quality' setting in the Virtual Display settings, which only affects the preview quality in the Display preview window. Changing the setting to 'High quality preview' should be what you want. The only drawback I can see to activating the high quality previews is, if you have a number of large Virtual Displays, it could affect performance of the production software... I tend to switch them back to low quality after 3D calibration, just in case.

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