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Best Hardware Specs for watchout 6


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Hardware is a very fast changing topic, especially if you ask for the "best".

Here is what I would recommend at the moment.

Good Intel CPU, at least octacore, e.g.: Intel Core i7-6950X

Don't forget some high performance cooling

A good X99 motherboard, this one has 10GB Ethernet on board: ASUS X99-E-10G WS

Fastest compatible RAM, at least 16GB: ADATA XPG Z1 gold DIMM, DDR4-3333, CL16-16-16-39

Fastest storage you can afford for data, e.g.: Samsung SSD 960 PRO 1TB, M.2

Some other SSD for system

Don't invest too much in graphics power, what you need is a: AMD FirePro W8000 or even W7000 will do

But you need a sync board: ATI FirePro S400

For the case I would go with proven professional standard: Supermicro SuperChassis 745TQ-R920B

If you want to have input cards for SDI or HDMI or DP go for Datapath

If you are in a rental environment I definitely would recommend woodracks, or case in case or whatever you call them. It is a small wooden 19" rack containing only the computer. You can stack the woodracks and transport them in several standard boxes. It is a good idea to transport accessories with the computer but it is a very bad idea to do so in a rack drawer which is fixed in the same rack with the computer. If you have a production with ten or so computers you don't want to have ten drawers too.



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I agree with most of Dorians specs.


However I think m2 SSDs are getting way too hot under continous load even when there is active cooling.

The surface is just too small to handle the heat. I can recommend Intel P4500 / Micron 9100 & 9200 SSDs.

They not only give you constant throughput but also better warranty options from my experience. They are made for 24/7 use.

The intel x550 is currently the standard ethernet card of choice. You can go for atto too. There are lots of optimization options even in a network card.


Also look at this topic: http://forum.dataton.com/topic/2745-new-display-machine/

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jochri, you are right if you want to playback uncompressed image sequences. But then you not only need fast transfer speed but also large capacity raids. The average user will playout h.264 and HAP. I still use h.264 most often and can reach very good quality with it. So everything not uncompressed shouldn't drive the m.2 storage to continous load. The NVME PCI SSDs on the other hand can also be recommended without doubt.



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My most recent build is this


Intel i9 7900x 10cores 20 threads

Asus X299 Prime

Samsung 850 evo on raid 0

Firepro W8100

Datapath capture card


Playback 11k videos smoothly.


But again you dont need this kind of setup unless you will be doing a very complex timeline. It will be great if you will also tell us the quality of the videos or files that you will be playing on your computers.



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