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Watchpax 2 problem


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We have a Watchpax 2 running 5.5.1.  It was accidentally plugged into a network with a control computer running Watchout version 4.  User says the control computer prompted them to "download a new version" and they clicked yes.  Now the Watchpax, when turned on, only displays a window saying "This program requires Apple QuickTime to run."  Restarted several times, but Watchout will not start on the Watchpax unit, and control computer does not recognize it through the network.  We're not accustomed to doing anything to these units, we just plug them in and they work, so any advice would be great. 

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The WATCHPAX 2 will be rendered nonfunctional if an unsupported version is loaded.

WATCHPAX 2 requires WATCHOUT 5.5 or newer.


To recover a nonfunctional WATCHPAX,
the unit must be re-imaged to its original factory state.
Your WATCHOUT Premium Partner can provide that service.


Also, a very few WATCHPAX 2 contain a license key that only support version 5.

This can be checked with v5.5.x WATCHOUT Production, License Manager.

The embedded license can be upgraded to support v6.

Note the license must be upgraded prior to allowing v6 WATCHOUT Software to migrate to the WATCHPAX 2.

Updating to WATCHOUT 6 software on a WATCHPAX that only supports v5

will also render the unit nonfunctional as v6 is not supported until after the license is upgraded.

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