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Amending Layer Order?


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Hi Team,


I currently have many layers due to the way we are cropping data on VNC screens. I've not found any way of moving layers around. The only way I've managed to do anything like this is to move the data on each layer to another.


The need is purely aesthetic and organisational, but we have some layers that have a fair few elements so it can take a while to do this...


Hoping there is a hidden way I can do this!





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Hmmm... don’t think so. Not much help but you could be using tasks in stead of the main timeline and only use the main timeline to trigger the tasks... or use copy / paste from out the tasks once done to paste all items in the correct order...

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Totally agree with Walter. Unless a very specific reason, I never use the Main Timeline. Tasks and compositions are your new best friends. Another trick is to use input variables on tweens. That means you can group a lot of layers, to the same controller, and move them around in whatever order you like. I've actually used a lot of AE action scripts to accomplish something similar to what you describe. An example is if you want to hide a video in a specific situation, I use this syntax, to fade it of A little bit like if-then-else:

(VidWallNr >= 3 && VidWallNr < 4) - ((VidSelected > 1) * 0.25)


Best regards Christian 

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