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Panasonic Shutter Control Using PJLink


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One tricky aspect with the PJLink protocol is that you may NOT send any command to the projector until after its initial handshake.  If there's no password set, this is the "PJLINK 0" string received initially from the projector. There's no easy way to make WATCHOUT wait for this initial handshake before sending its command, which is probably why the first attempt after a disconnect sometimes fail and a second command may succeed (because by then the handshake has been sent by the projector). As a side note, PIXILAB's recently introduced control system named BLOCKS provides "intelligent" drivers for projectors and other devices. Our PJLink driver manages this initial handshake before it starts sending commands to the projector. This makes for a more robust implementation than just blindly banging out the commands.


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I have used these PJLink for a long time and have always had to put in 2-3 cues into the aux timeline to send a command into in case the first one fails. For this show I am currently doing, we made an looping aux timeline that sends a carriage return every 20 seconds to all projectors. This has reduced our failed to send data message rate by easily 95%.

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