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LED wall confidence monitor


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Like many people I’m using non standard resolutions for LED structures.  Has anyone got any bright ideas for confidence monitors?  (A DVI DA reading the EDID on a novastar controller results in a blank screen. )

One idea is setting up a camera watching the screen in question.   But I’m looking for a ‘nice’ solution if anyone has any ideas.

I’m running a Quad head server direct to the Novastars  DP to DVI our of W7100 cards.  

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Use virtual display for total outline (also makes for easy programming) and divide that towards real world outputs. 

Then scale and reuse this VD on an extra output which you can use for DSM feed. Also enables you to overscale a bit to leave out any non-essential parts of the feed (outer sides i.e.). 

Could be one of your outs of the w7100 or if you’re full, add in a simple watchpax. 

I use the same for multi viewing and with an output of one of the main displayservers, you can keep track of any input signals (keeping them active at the same time ) 

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